Saturday, December 8, 2007

Website for Poets, Writers and Artists - Birds of a Feather

If you are interested in being involved in a Poets, Writers or Artists Network, I have currently reviewed my online website: Birds of a Feather, and welcoming "closet poets, writers and artists" to join our site.
Birds of a Feather allows all of us who want to know more, connect with others, find a place to impart our poems, art, photos, writings to share with others - just like us.
There will be competitions for Grades 1-7 and Grades 8-12 and Adults as of the 1st April, 2009.
Being involved in a Network is about connecting and giving people your complete attention and sharing your strengths and building their areas they are needing solutions. The high energy and excitement to work with your peers is a fantastic opportunity to meet new colleagues and work with them to find solutions for your art.

Birds of a Feather is a virtual network I began to give small business a FREE site to down load your personal card, set up a blog on your passion, link to your site, use the chat rooms to talk to others who wish to talk to other closet poets. Meet other artists on line, let me know if you want to attend a retreat, workshop, webinar, and if you are a professional in writing, art, photography, or poetry, you are welcome to let me know and we can organise some fantastic opportunities.

Register yourself, and list your contact details. We welcome everyone to the site.

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