Saturday, December 8, 2007

Amanda Maystone-Towell

If you are seeking some solutions for Productivity our business has solutions where our clients tell us how much we have made a difference. I'm a Director of the Priority Management Qld and Vic offices and my role in the business is an Account Manager. I love what I do and where I work, creating and building relationships with my clients across Queensland and Northern Territory, and throughout Australia. Our solutions include our awareness of email applications like Outlook, Lotus Notes, and GroupWise and the stress that a heavy inbox, and traffic to the inbox can bring our clients. Managing from one place, delegation with automatic responsing and managing projects, information etc has gained solutions for our clients and given them the skills and knowledge and ongoing support to manage their work and bring them success and the sense of accomplishment.

Other activities I am involved in is our local Zonta Brisbane South Club. Zonta, being an international women's networking organisation whose commitment to increasing the status of women through service, through health, welfare and education. Our club together with two other Brisbane Clubs recently presented two Bursaries to two hard working, well deserving ladies for our Indigenous Bursary in conjunction with UQ in Brisbane. The ladies currently are studying law and phsycology - great work. Our club also has a commitment and gains from the comraderie of our members in hand making and packaging Breast Cushions for 2 local hospitals for both men and women post breast surgery.

We are engaging with a local school who has welcomed the opportunity to start a Z Club which our club members will mentor and support to encourage our young people to be involved in fundraising and bringing awareness to the concepts of our club. Z Club is for both boys and girls and we encourage them to utilise the skills and knowledge of our members which can offer leadership, experience in working with environment, local charities and community service and international awareness.

We joined with another club this year, met at UQ and with 100 members and volunteers, put together 3200 Birthing Kits which were sent to Madagascar. These kits included sterile items which would give the mothers to be a hygenic and sanitary environment for the birth of their children. The high energy in the room, with participants in their teens to their eighties was a great sense of community and timeless effort. If you are interested in becoming a member of Zonta Brisbane South or a club in your local area you can review our web sites on

Coming from a long background of Administration roles and Sales - Rep Sales, Party Plan (Direct Marketing), Retail Sales and Account Management, I obviously love to work with people and offer solutions. Priority Management has given me the opportunity to further develop skills which has earned me international recognition with Awards for the Individual Highest Sales for the past several years. In 2007 both myself and my colleague Jason Schmalkuche of our office earned two of the three awards for Highest Sales worldwide. In 2008 I attended the International Conference in Montreal and again won the highest award with two colleagues for highest sales in our busineess.

With the current economic climate feeling the pressure from the overseas markets etc. people are looking for cost effective choices to develop skills, connect with others, learn, and find opportunities to use their skills and passions. I was seeking a place to learn and share my poetry, and just couldn't find anywhere easily. My Birds of a Feather Website is now changed to use for poets, writers and artists. I hope you join me soon. If you want anything, email me.

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